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I'm Happy, in Pain, and Healing at the Same Time

Seems impossible, right? Well, it is not! The ability to feel seemingly opposing things allows us to feel more and, hence, feel more alive.

But not only that. This ability makes us more resilient

It helps us feel compassion and hope in moments of frustration or failure

It helps us feel trust in moments of fear

It helps us feel gratitude and love in moments of grief and loss

It helps us feel our connection to others in moments of conflict

However, it’s not easy. Perhaps because we were not taught? Or perhaps because we forgot? Whatever the cause may be, the truth is that it is possible. It requires work, consciousness, and constancy. But above all, at least in my case, it requires help. I have needed, and still do, the people I trust, my therapist, and my personal work to train this capacity.

This acquires all the more relevance now. We all face one of the greatest challenges in our life with this pandemic, which carries great losses, great pain, and at the least, great uncertainty. We also are facing the greatest polarization in our society as whole since the great wars. For these reasons, it is important, I’d say critical, that we train our hearts and our consciousness to widen the level of complexity they can hold and feel. So that we can, in the context of all these challenges, keep our connection to ourselves, to others, and to the process of life.

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